Quality Craftmanship
Proudly 100% Australian Owned. Only workshop of its kind in Sydney.
Heritage Restorations
40 Years Extensive Experience.
Hand Forged Ironworks
One piece at a time.

The art of working with metals.

Welcome to our workshop. We have been working with metal for 40 years in the design and fabrication of a vast range of metalic products. Gates of all shapes and sizes from doggy doors to large industrial gates. Railing for very small jobs up to blocks of flats. Hand made forged matching patterns for art deco buildings. You name it! We have done it! We love restoration works and have done council works as well as restoring small cast iron palisade fences, gates, family heirlooms, cast brass fountaines, chair, tables, Anything metal. We specialise in insurance work on matching existing wrought iron gates and railings. We fabricate any size brackets to support shelves or hang signs. Throw us some ideas and let the experts help you in your restoration projects.

We look forward to working with you.

Services We Offer

  • Fabrication of metal items.
  • Welding of cast iron, aluminium, steel, brass, sheet metals.
  • MIG & TIG welding, brazing, soldering, spot welding
  • Laser cutting on aluminium & steel.
  • Small item repairs.
  • Bending
  • Curving
  • Forging
  • Supply of cast iron & aluminium panels.
  • Supply of picket heads.
  • Forming & supply of ornamental scroll works.
  • Restoration & repair works, ranging from furnitures, garden setting, gates, balustrading to cast iron columns and more.
  • Supply, installation and service of gate automation products.
  • Sandblasting
  • Hot dipped galvanising
  • Powdercoating
  • 2 Pack Polyurethane Wet Spraying
  • Site measuring & designing service.

Contact us

To receive emails from us, please add sales@pwi.net.au to your address book. Thank you.